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Plumbing License Requirements

Plumbing License Requirements

plumbing licenseA plumbing license is not issued by the U.S. Federal Government.  Every state issues their own plumbing license, and to make things more exciting, the plumbing license requirements are different for each state.  To get your plumbing license, you need to know two things for your state: 1) which government entity issues the license, and 2) what the education and work experience requirements are to get the license.

In most states, the plumbing license is issued by the state government, which makes things fairly simple.  In a few states, however, the state has given responsibility for issuing a plumbing license to the local governments.  This means that in these states (like New York), plumbing license requirements are set by, and the license is issued by, the county, city or town for their area.  This means you are not licensed to work in your entire state but only in the local area to which the plumbing license applies.  It also means that there are different licensing standards for different areas.


License Requirements by State

Click on a state link below to see the plumbing license requirements for that state, or use the drop down menu above under “License Requirements.”

California          Florida          Georgia

Illinois          Michigan          New York

Ohio          Pennsylvania          Texas

Do I Need a Plumbing License?

Apprentice Plumber – No license or registration is usually required

Journeyman Plumber – A Journeyman Plumber License is generally required

Master Plumber – A Master Plumber License is generally required

Note that there are differences by State.  In California, for example, the plumber does not need a license, the contractor does (see CA for details), and in New York City, the Journeyman must register but does not need a license (see NY for details).

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