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Success Tips for How to Find Plumber Jobs:

1) Prepare a resume.  There are many resources available on the internet or in books on how a good resume should look.  A well written resume will make you look much more professional and it shows your attention to detail and preparation.  These are all great skills to demonstrate to help you look better than your competition when interviewing for a job as a plumber.

2) Search for potential job opportunities.  Call plumbing unions, plumbing trade groups, and contractors in the areas you are looking for work and see if they know of any plumber jobs that are available.  Search internet plumber jobs boards, look at state websites for employment search tools.   Do NOT, however, fall into the trap of only using internet search tools.  Get offline, talk to real people and network.

3) When you find a potential plumber job opportunity, find out everything you can about the employer.  Get educated to find out if this is a good employer, someone you would be proud and happy to work for.  Do internet searches to find out if there are any lawsuits involving that person or business, look them up on the better business bureau website to see if there is any information there, talk to employees or ex-employees, see if you can talk to clients of theirs to hear firsthand how satisfied the client is with their work, and talk to other contractors to get their opinions.

4) Be honest about the amount of plumber work experience and plumbing training you have had.  Any employer will quickly figure out that you know less than you told them if you exaggerate your experience during the interviews.

5) Be responsive and on-time.  This means you should promptly return phone calls and send requested information, be flexible and available in scheduling when the employer wants to speak or meet with you, and be on time.  You are trying to demonstrate that you will be a reliable employee if they hire you as a plumber.  Nothing sends a worse message about your reliability than if you can’t be on time during the interview period.

6) Have a good attitude.  Be positive.  Don’t lie.  Be yourself.  If you are upbeat, honest, and demonstrate through your attitude that you will be a great, can-do employee, you are setting yourself up really well.  People greatly prefer to work with people that they like.

7) Don’t give up!  Be flexible.  There are always jobs, but they may not be where you live.  This is a terrific, big country.  Consider moving to a new location if you need to.  Think of it as an adventure and embrace the opportunity to live somewhere else.  It doesn’t have to be forever, so go and have fun while you are at it.  It’s way better than staying where you are, unemployed and maybe unhappy.  Move, and have fun!  Life is short, so make sure you enjoy it.

8) Know the plumbing license requirements for the state you want to work in.  It’s important to show you know the rules where you live.