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Best Ways for Plumbers to Earn More Money

Most plumbers would like to earn more money than we are currently making, but it is not always easy to figure out how. Changing careers can be risky, and often when doing this you have to start out at the bottom in the new company. It can be frustrating trying to earn more as a plumber, but you are not without options. With a little hard work and determination you just may be able to upgrade your salary in the plumbing profession.

Here are some suggestions on how to increase your salary as a plumber:

* Upgrade your plumbing license – If you are a journeyman plumber you can upgrade to a master plumber. If you already meet the time requirements for this, then it is simply a matter of studying and taking a test. If you get the higher license you should be able to command a better commercial plumber salary also.

* Add another license not in the plumbing field – For instance, if you are a master plumber or plumber contractor who has been working around new home construction for several years you may be able to get your general contractors license. If your job requires some construction and plumbing work at the same time, you may be eligible for a carpentry license, too. Adding a secondary license should get you a pay increase.

* Specialize – It is often possible to get trained in a specialized field to earn more money. You can take some technical courses in your spare time and learn to do such specialized and higher paying jobs as being a gas fitter, sprinkler system specialist, or septic drain layer. There are many options here and being able to do something that is considered specialized often comes with an increase in your pay.

* Do some side plumbing work for family or friends – This can accomplish two things. It can get you some extra money and at the same time whoever you are doing the work for will save some money too and know that someone they trust is doing the work.

* Work as an on-call plumber – Volunteering to cover those emergency plumbing shifts that no one else wants is a good way to earn some extra money. When working this type of plumbing shift, especially nights and weekends, you are usually entitled to a higher pay rate and may even earn some overtime pay too.

* Talk to your boss – Often times your boss will have some extra work that needs to be done, but he is afraid to ask because he feels maybe you are overworked already. So ask him first, let him know that you are up for an opportunity to earn some extra pay as a plumber. After you do that a few times and get in his/her good graces, you can then ask them for a raise.

It is like anything else, sometimes you have to get creative to find what you are looking for, but you will find it if you try. Whether it requires attending some classes in your spare time or knocking on the elderly woman’s door down the street whose outdoor pex pipe lines are obviously broken, the opportunities are there to earn some extra income as a certified plumber if you look.

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