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Welcome to ePlumbingCourses! We have everything you need to begin your career as a plumber. How to choose plumbing schools, plumber training and license requirements by state, the different kinds of plumber jobs, plumbing career path and professional levels, the importance of a plumbing apprenticeship, plumber salaries, interview tips, real job listings, and much more.

About us

About Us

ePlumbingCourses is a somewhat unique website. Our goal is to
provide our readers with great information about starting and
growing a career as a plumber. We don’t charge for this
information, and we have worked hard to make it thorough, unbiased
and accurate. If we can help you, our member, find success, then
we have been successful.

Yes, we are a business. From time to time we may offer products or
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be from another provider. We believe these products are good,
but that is merely our opinion and we offer no guarantee or warranty
other than what may be explicitly stated with the sale of products we
create. We do not ever warranty or guarantee products created by others.

In addition, you will see advertising on the website. We have not
checked on the products or services being advertised there, so do
your own due diligence before buying those products, just like any
others you would buy.

Finally, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions on
what you would like to see from us to help you. We are always looking
for new ideas that we can use to develop relevant content for our
readers, and the readers know best what they need to know – so please
tell us!

Thanks for checking us out.

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